Why Adult Stem Cells Matter to You

You probably remember the controversy over stem cells from a couple of years back. It must be noted that there is a difference based upon what stem cells you are talking about. The controversy occurred over embryonic stem cells while your body produces a different type of stem cell, the adult stem cell. This is produced primarily in your bone marrow and this article will talk about the benefits this provides you along with a product which was created to help with your production of adult stem cells.

Let’s first look at the importance of adult stem cells. They are often considered master cells simply because of the ability to change into whatever type of cell the body needs. If the body is in need of a certain type of cell, a signal is sent so that stem cells can move to the area where they are needed and replace nonfunctioning cells. Adult stem cells are the one system scientists have found which can help the body rebuild itself. On top of this important capability, adult stem cells also help with natural organ and tissue function.

An important evolution is occurring within this country and it has to do with health. The baby boomer generation, the largest generation in the history of the United States, is so close to getting to retirement age. As you get older, the number of adult stem cells in a person’s body declines. A product has been created which can help solve this problem. It is the first of its kind. As with any new scientific product, this has undergone testing so that you will not be a guinea pig. A study was done which verified the results of the Creator and the study was published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. It showed a 25 to 30% increase in the number of adult stem cells for those taking the product versus those not taking the product area. This could be so important to many because they can help their bodies rebuild and rejuvenate just as when they were younger.

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